Our services

While we focus on a band of services called for by our process clients, we are quick to adapt to apply new means and methods when needed

Using 3D models from the Praxis asset library or our pre-existing 3D engineering models, Praxis builds fully interactive VR experiences using a scenario-based software engine, or simply for familiarization training. Similarly, Praxis can create fully immersive 360° video walk-throughs of sites.

We transform your materials into thought-provoking and visually engaging training. Our experience in scripting and animating complex subjects results in better comprehension and retention of the content.

Our Learning Management System (LMS) solutions are tailored to special situations where training needs to be delivered to groups of users otherwise not included in an existing corporate LMS, such as contractor training and site orientations.

We have a long history of developing generic or custom dynamic process simulations for our clients, for integration into eLearning, or as standalone process trainers.

Our flexible development pipeline enables us to produce eLearning using popular commercial products such as Articulate 360 and Rise, Lectora, and Adobe Captivate. Combined with Text-to-Speech this method empowers clients to maintain content internally.