For 30 years Praxis has been Chevron’s go-to vendor for finding innovative solutions to their complex training problems. The following information details one such project.

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Chevron approached Praxis to develop an eLearning program with integrated fired heater simulator to reinforce basic operating principles.

The Project

As a result of a number of industry accidents involving fired heaters, Chevron identified a need to supplement existing training with new content to reinforce the basic principals of safe operation for fired heaters. Chevron approached Praxis to design and develop a training program to meet this requirement. Through consultations with Chevron SMEs, Praxis proposed an eLearning module with an integrated fired heater process simulator. The control interface was modeled on common DCS types used by Chevron refineries and was designed to be functional and recognizable to console operators familiar with those DCSs. A series of simulator scenarios were also scripted and created to address specific upset conditions and situations commonly encountered in fired heater operations.  

The Result

The Fired Heater Trainer includes detailed eLearning content to familiarize users with all types of fired heaters, their components and construction, function and operation, as well as common points of failure. The eLearning is followed by a free-play section where users can practice using the fired heater simulator. Finally users must complete a series of simulator scenarios where they are challenged to respond to situations such as a fuel-rich firebox, adjusting pass flows and O2, flameouts, startup and shutdown.

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