Selected to produce training for the VAULT capital project to expand and modernize the Vanscoy potash mine and processing plant.

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Completed project to write and produce a series of process and operations eLearning modules

The Project

The then Agrium corporation undertook the $2 billion dollar VAULT project to expand and modernize the Vanscoy potash mine. Praxis was selected as the winning vendor based on our experience and capacity to write and illustrate a large number of process and operations eLearning modules. The challenge was to produce eLearning and train operators on the new processes in advance of the site’s completion. Working together with Agrium and SNC-Lavalin, Praxis converted and optimized the existing engineering 3D models and repurposed them to illustrate the eLearning content. Praxis wrote and scripted all the training using process control narratives and P&IDs, in addition to consultations with project SMEs.

The Result

Praxis completed a series of highly detailed 3D animated eLearning modules covering all the new and modernized processes and equipment. Capitalizing on the existing 3D engineering models saved a great deal of cost, and provided an excellent resource to illustrate training on processes and equipment that were otherwise not yet constructed.

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