Praxis has worked with Tolko since 2014, developing eLearning and customized and deploying Learning Management and Document Management Systems. Training has included a host of topics from orientations to safety, and services include monitoring, updates to systems and support for users.

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Tolko contacted Praxis to create eLearning content and deploy an LMS.

The Project

Tolko had a requirement to develop a series of orientation and safety related eLearning modules, and the means to deliver and track the training for both Staff and Contractors. Praxis was commissioned by Tolko to undertake the project based on our experience customizing, deploying and supporting lightweight Learning Management Systems tailored to the specific needs of clients.  The new eLearning and LMS needed to function on both desktops and mobile devices, and the training content needed to be accessible to users working in remote areas with limited connectivity. Praxis worked with Tolko to establish the features required for the new LMS and produce the necessary eLearning.

The Result

Praxis deployed the Tolko Staff and Contractor LMSs in 2014 and has increased their functionality in a series of phases since that time. Praxis has provided continuous support for both Tolko Staff and Contractors since the LMSs were deployed. In addition, Praxis has written and illustrated a library of orientation, familiarization, and safety-based eLearning modules which are used by thousands of Tolko Staff and Contractors yearly.

The LMSs and eLearning are full-mobile capable, enabling users – particularly Contractors –  to complete their required training using their smartphones.

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