Teck Trail Smelter

Creating process, operations, and safety training for the Trail Smelter, as well as deploying a simple system to manage and deliver orientation training for this high traffic site.

The Project

Praxis worked with the site to implement a simple user-friendly Training Management system paired with a Full-Mobile capable site Orientation module. 

The Result

Enabled truck drivers, contractors and visitors to take site orientation training prior to appearing at the gate. This replaced the need to conduct orientation sessions several times a day, easing the load on gate security personnel and administrators and ensuring training consistency.

Process Training

Working with site Subject Matter Experts, Praxis wrote and developed new process training for the smelter. Praxis has worked with Teck for over 25 years and was responsible for writing and illustrating the process training manuals during a revamp of the smelter back in 1996.